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Losing access to your vehicle and being off the road can be quite frustrating. Imagine locking your key inside the car and being stranded out in harsh weather in the middle of the night. You might not know who to turn to for help, or might be forced to resort to extreme measures, such as breaking open the lock/windows for reentry. That’s why, we aim to resolve all your car lock & key woes in the shortest possible timeframe 24/7. Be it a missing transponder key that you need replacement for or a jammed trunk that needs unlocking; our comprehensive services can aptly address your diverse requirements.

Cherry Hill Locksmith Service is no ordinary locksmithing firm; we understand how every sector has special needs and tailor our services to meet the unique requirements. Our automotive locksmith division includes a dedicated team of auto locksmiths, specialized equipment and the necessary infrastructure to facilitate provision of onsite services. It’s no wonder that a vast majority of the Cherry Hill, NJ community considers us their trusted auto locksmith.

Roadside assistance 24/7

You might be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no access to your car. If it happens in broad daylight, it might be easy to hire a towing service to take your vehicle down to the nearest workshop. But what happens if it takes place after regular business-hours? That’s where we can help! We’re available 24/7, and not just that, we provide roadside assistance as well. Be it on a highway, or a remote location, our mobile vans will reach you anywhere. These vans are loaded with cutting-edge toolkits that allow our technicians to fix locks, make keys, unlock cars, repair ignition systems and more, on-the-spot.

An unmatched turnaround time:

Through continuous evolution over the years, we’ve managed to shorten our response time to an extent that it is now one of the fastest in the region. We identified means to bridge the delay in request and receipt of services and have streamlined our work process to fit the consumer demand for ‘instant’ services. Every time you call us, you’ll be quickly routed to a dispatcher who’ll listen to your concerns and immediately pass on the request to a team of locksmiths on standby. In less than 15-20 minutes, a fully-equipped team of expert auto technicians will arrive onsite. Our rapid turnaround time will come in handy during emergencies, such a car lockout or ignition trouble.

Highly- competent team of locksmiths:

The men we hire for the job are not just qualified and experienced, but further undergo skill-based training designed to hone their skillset and enhance their knowledge base. This enables them to carry out almost any task, with efficiency and speed. They can program transponder keys, replace locks, unlock car doors with little to no damage on the vehicle, fix ignition problems and more. Irrespective of the make or model of the vehicle they deal with, they’re aware of how best to tackle the problem in minimum time.

Our prominent services include:

Cherry Hill Locksmith Service Cherry Hill, NJ 856-454-9402

  • Car lockout solutions
  • New lock installation
  • Remote key fob repair/replacement
  • Transponder key programming
  • Spare car key creation
  • Trunk unlocking
  • Ignition repairs
  • Faulty ignition switch replacement
  • GM Vat keys duplication
  • Laser cut car keys
  • Car lock repairs
  • Emergency door unlocking

Got a car lock or key trouble? Our automotive locksmiths can help. Reach out to us today!

Remote keys in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Auto key replacement prices in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Automotive Key Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Car lock out in Cherry Hill, NJ

Every car owner would have faced a grim car lock out situation, at least once in his/her life. If you haven’t, then there’s no telling that you wouldn’t. No, we aren’t exaggerating here; we’re merely speaking from experience. Having served the Cherry Hill, NJ community for well over a decade, we’ve received countless calls from distressed clients citing various reasons for a lock out and requesting immediate assistance. It’s quite easy to misplace a diminutive car key or forget to take them with you when you close the car door shut behind you. You may or may not need it; however, it’s wise to always keep the number of a reliable car lock out service such as that provided by Cherry Hill Locksmith Service, just in case. click here to read more